AGN International World Conference

This was one of my messages when speaking at the AGN world conference for accountants in India.

Before leaving I promised you a picture of me at the Taj Mahal – and here it is! This incredible white marble ‘jewel of India’ was a breathtaking sight. I also had the opportunity to meet some of the locals who were very friendly!

India pic 5

It was an amazing experience just being in India and also touring the busy buzzy city of Delhi with the delegates and visiting stunning temples.

I have never seen so many thousands of cars in the street as I saw there! At times you could hardly move! A five minute journey down the road turned into an hour or more – but it didn’t matter in this extraordinary city.

Amongst the most memorable things was going a rickhaw through the streets with thousands of people everywhere, the smells of spices and the beautiful colours of the fabrics and saris.

Our rickshaw cyclist weaved his way through the throng at what felt like a hundred miles per hour and somehow avoided crashing into anyone! It was a miracle!

The conference was wonderful, the delegates fabulous and the atmosphere brilliant.

I was there to talk about ‘Making Change Happen’ through inspiration, communication and motivation.

We discussed ways the conference delegates could achieve even more in the way of change and successful business outcomes by building on relationships and communicating more inspirationally with their teams – enabling them to focus

on their visions becoming reality.

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