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Be Your Own Motivator – Make your Own Mind Control Tape! Success happens in the mind before it happens anywhere else. Your mind can be your greatest ally or your greatest enemy. Training your mind to be your friend whilst working towards your goals is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL! So how do you do this? Visualisation is […]

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New Year Resolutions Survey

New Year Survey    

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Have You Found The Formula To Make A Fabulous Impact In Your Life

Many of us may want to achieve something special in our lives. Some of us can zoom into the fast lane to success a lot quicker than others and may sustain longevity or burn out quickly. Others may take the slower lane and go at a steady pace with a smooth or bumpy ride depending […]

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What Type Of Leader Are You?

You may not be a cat and your PA may not be Officer Dibble keeping an eye on you and your teams, but what qualities does Top Cat have that you may like to take from him as a leader of your organisation? Are you a leader with a mix of fun and encouragement like […]

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Do You Ask For Help When You Need It?

The Beatles were right when they sang: “Won’t you please please help me”. Asking for help can give you that positive change you have been struggling to achieve for a long time. It can be a relief to know there is someone else there to guide and support you. When was the last time you […]

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What Mask And Costume Do You Wear From The Inside Out To Project Your Image and Your Thoughts?

How often do you look at the way you project your own image in business and life and consider giving your suit or dress a revamp? It is not just your layer of clothes I am talking about. It is how you project your facial expressions and body language towards others through your own masks […]

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