Brain Tumour Research

Nicci & John Bercow

I discovered that the Brain Tumour Research charity, which I support, had forwarded a photo and article of the Speaker Of The House of Commons, John Bercow and me in the Hampstead and Highgate Express.

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Nicci’s Brain Tumour Research Story

In 2001, Nicci, as the mother of two teenage children, was given the devastating news that she had a brain tumour.

During the 1990s I was working teaching aerobics and presenting on TV. I was incredibly fit and healthy. I did aerobics, ran seven miles four times a week, swam three times a week and ate moderately; in fact I was as fit and healthy as a person could possibly be.

But looking back now, during 1996 I had the first signs that something was wrong. I was aware during aerobics that my co-ordination would sometimes let me down and when I was speaking on the radio one day, I noticed my words were not connecting with my brain. I went to the GP who told me he thought I was stressed and overdoing it, and that I’d be wise to scale things back as he said this was a warning sign….

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