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What Type Of Leader Are You?

You may not be a cat and your PA may not be Officer Dibble keeping an eye on you and your teams, but what qualities does Top Cat have that you may like to take from him as a leader of your organisation? Are you a leader with a mix of fun and encouragement like […]

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Do You Ask For Help When You Need It?

The Beatles were right when they sang: “Won’t you please please help me”. Asking for help can give you that positive change you have been struggling to achieve for a long time. It can be a relief to know there is someone else there to guide and support you. When was the last time you […]

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What Mask And Costume Do You Wear From The Inside Out To Project Your Image and Your Thoughts?

How often do you look at the way you project your own image in business and life and consider giving your suit or dress a revamp? It is not just your layer of clothes I am talking about. It is how you project your facial expressions and body language towards others through your own masks […]

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What leaders inspire you?

Regardless of his political party affiliation Barack Obama has inspired young people because of his belief, his determination, his hope for the future. He encourages young people to be leaders and do what is right for them. He talks about making choices in our lives and doing what you are passionate about. What positive characteristics […]

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What will it take to discover the magic in your life?

Whilst I do not advocate robbing banks like they do in the film #Now You See Me …………. I believe in the power of magic we can all have by taking action and making our dreams become reality. By preparing and planning our strategy with precision and practice we can feel confident to “just do […]

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Are You Ready For Change And A Challenge?

What will you do if you are told today or tomorrow that the company you are working for is closing down and you are out of a job? What will you do if you are told that you are being made redundant or re-deployed? And what will you do if you are told that it […]

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Are you a superhero? When was the last time you took action and focused on something exciting that promised great results in your business or personal life? Man Of Steel Superman movie released in cinemas mid June promises to be full of action and excitement. You may not be superman or superwoman but you are […]

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Changing Your Focus For Positive Outcomes

Developing your Positive Focus, Positive Attitude and Positive Thinking can help you take small steps to achieve a huge leap and change in your business and personal life. What are you doing for you to make the changes you really want? Being stuck in a rut at work and not advancing because you are lacking […]

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“I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody” says Marlon Brando in the well known classic black and white movie On The Waterfront. Instead of remembering what you could, should and would have done think about what you can, will and are going to do to take action in your […]

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