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Getting It Right In 2017 – Having More Energy Physically And Mentally

Going back to school after the holidays used to be a struggle. I wasn’t used to getting up early and being in a routine. It can feel the same way when going back to work the first week after the holidays. A friend described it as having butterflies in her tummy! Getting our mojo back […]

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Nicci’s Christmas Message For YOU!

This time of year is a great time to reflect on the achievements we have made over the past twelve months.It’s an even better time to look at what we want to achieve over the next year. Here’s My Christmas Video Message For You! As individuals we may want to step up and make even more […]

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Boost Your Relationships – Like A Street Cat Named Bob

Connecting effectively with new friends and colleagues can lead to more productive and rewarding relationships with successful outcomes – as demonstrated in the soon-to-be-released film “A Street Cat Named Bob”. When it comes to sustaining and building these relationships it’s like a marriage.You need to work at it! If you don’t take time to listen, […]

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Having More Energy Physically & Mentally – Just Like Ronaldo

Outstanding performance is what Cristiano Ronaldo is known for on and off the football pitch. His constant energy and determination is what gets him extraordinary results that leave his fans wanting more and his teammates extremely happy!   Ronaldo – The Master Of Having Energy – & A Great Physique!!  In an article with The […]

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Re-invigorate Yourself – Like The Beatles

It was great to be part of the world premiere of the Beatles film “Eight Days A Week” directed by Ron Howard. I came away full of nostalgia with a huge smile on my face singing their familiar songs and feeling totally inspired! When the four friends – Paul, John, George and Ringo – played together […]

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Laughing Your Way To Success

Laughing can be a powerful tool for winning mindset and success. It can improve confidence, communication, creativity and performance within the workplace and beyond. Having fun takes the pressure off and creates a more lighthearted happy atmosphere with teams and individuals. There’s even a form of yoga that works on the basis of making people […]

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Amidst the excitement of the Rio Olympics, there were great lessons for us all. These included lessons about the importance of having confidence, making an impact, having a winning mindset and picking ourselves back up when things don’t go according to plan. These were exemplified by Mo Farah who has now become the most successful […]

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My Christmas Message For You

Until next time, stay fabulous, healthy and happy and have a wonderful festive season.                                     Nicci x

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How To Wow Your Audience With Your Presentations

Giving a fabulous presentation can make a positive impact on your audience and inspire them to want to hear more and learn more about what you can give them. Click on this link and hear how I can help you make an impact, feel more confident and select and structure the best of your stories to enliven your presentations. […]

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AGN International World Conference

This was one of my messages when speaking at the AGN world conference for accountants in India. Before leaving I promised you a picture of me at the Taj Mahal – and here it is! This incredible white marble ‘jewel of India’ was a breathtaking sight. I also had the opportunity to meet some of the locals who were very […]

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