Double Act Keynote

 “Making Your Team Look And Sound Great”  with Nicci Roscoe and Michael Dodd

Have you considered how much of your company’s success – and sometimes the lack of it – comes down to how your team members look and sound when they’re under pressure.

Whether it is making that vital pitch…. introducing themselves to potential new clients…. or answering tough questions from prospects, instant judgements are made on how you come across – for better and for worse.

In the world of international speaking – where having instant high impact is essential – Nicci Roscoe and Michael Dodd know this only too well.

That’s why they have formulated their new double-act keynote: “Making Your Team Look and Sound Great.”

In their inspirational yet practical on-stage performance, Nicci and Michael will show your people how to make the right impact in the right way in the right situation.

They will give your team insights on what to say, how to say it and how to perform while getting your message across… to make the best possible impression on those who your company needs to impress.

Nicci takes her corporate clients to new heights in their business and life. She is an exceptional force of positive change  – inspiring audiences on life-changing journeys with fabulous results.

Michael boosts communications skills on six continents – showing business people how to stand up to blowtorch-on-the-belly questioning and get their messages across with pizzazz.

With their media backgrounds spanning Sky, BBC, GMTV, Live TV, Nicci and Michael are perfectly placed to show your team how to come across with new levels of confidence and impact.

Together Nicci and Michael can act out on your conference stage what works – and what doesn’t.

And if your teams are up for it, volunteers can be invited to join them on stage to have an instant critique – and makeover if necessary – on how they come across in the situations they face at the sharp end.

Alternatively, selected volunteers can be filmed doing what they do beforehand – getting an instant advice on stage from which all can benefit.

Many think winning performances come down to luck – or are entirely dependent on natural talent.

They aren’t.

gggBeing able to shine through to look and sound great while under pressure is a learnable skill.

You and your colleagues can plan for it, prepare for it and practice for it….just as sports stars do for big matches and performers do before big concerts.

Nicci and Michael will show your audience how to shine out when the pressure is on – to help get your company the results you deserve.

Give your conference audience the opportunity to supercharge the way they come across on behalf of your company.

Equipt your teams with skills, tools and inspirational guidance they can put into practice day after day, week after week, year after year.