Getting It Right In 2017 – Having More Energy Physically And Mentally

Going back to school after the holidays used to be a struggle. I wasn’t used to getting up early and being in a routine.

It can feel the same way when going back to work the first week after the holidays. A friend described it as having butterflies in her tummy!

Getting our mojo back to feel motivated, energised and focused can be a challenge.

Now is a great time to look at what we want to get out of 2017.

And I’ve made you this video to give you some guidance on healthy eating and having more energy. To avoid ailments it is important to eat healthy and also read up on how crohn’s disease is diagnosed.


I can help you discover what you do want individually and help your team to overcome challenges, boost their confidence and have more energy physically and mentally.

All of these areas are linked.

Sometimes we need individual attention to help us get the balance right – one person we can trust and feel comfortable to talk to.

If you feel stuck or know someone in your team or personal life who is in this position, let me know if you’d like me to help make a difference.

I work with clients one-to-one by Skype, phone or face-to-face. Everything we talk about is naturally confidential.

There may be change going on in your personal life that’s upsetting the balance in your work life.

Or perhaps you need to look at your routine and work-life balance – and come up with a plan to put you on the right track.

Having more energy physically and mentally can enable you to be more productive and get better results – not only at work but in your personal life too.

I’ve just been interviewed about having a positive mindset eating healthily and exercise – on London’s LBC Radio.

Sugar can be our energy deflater! One minute it can have us feeling great and the next minute exhausted and sometimes moody and depressed!


Making the right choices is essential.

But the decision to make the right choices for you may be challenging unless you focus on what it is you really want to achieve this New Year.

Once you’ve made the right choices we can then help you work on applying yourself to achieve what you’re after.


I’ve worked with people who’ve ended up running marathons, competing in triathlons and who’ve had all kinds of success in their careers and in their personal lives

We’ve come up with plans and helped them have the confidence to put them into practice – and to apply themselves and put their new routines into action.

As the world’s top-ranking tennis player, the newly-knighted Sir Andy Murray, says: “Always believe that when you apply yourself, you can achieve anything… natural ability will only get you so far. There is no substitute for practice.”


Giving yourself and your team a confidence boost will get you off on the right path – and send any butterflies in those tummies fluttering away in the right direction!!

Happy New Year! Here’s to a fabulous 2017 and I look forward to helping you become even more productive in every way.

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