Have You Found The Formula To Make A Fabulous Impact In Your Life

Many of us may want to achieve something special in our lives. Some of us can zoom into the fast lane to success a lot quicker than others and may sustain longevity or burn out quickly.

Others may take the slower lane and go at a steady pace with a smooth or bumpy ride depending on their vision, how they action their strategy and plan their ultimate goals.

Whether you are in the fast or slow lane, by believing in yourself and having the confidence to do it can be your first steps to having a fabulous impact in your life. Positive thinking and focus can help with having a positive attitude and handling any head on collisions or crashes along the way.

But what drives us to make a fabulous impact in our lives and have our own Formula 1 racing car in the circuit and in our minds?

The latest film to hit our screens in the UK called Rush, based on the story of racing legend James Hunt inspired me to write this blog.

Many years ago I was invited to the press launch at one of the world renowned boutique hotel Blakes in Knightsbridge, London. This was the brainchild of actress turned fashion and interior designer Anoushka Hempel.

She was known for her part in the James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and several other films but fast tracked down another circuit into the fashion, hotel and design world.

Her boutique in Kensington was also the fashionable place to go where she has designed haute couture clothes for famous women like Princes Diana.

I was a young journalist working at National Magazines on Company Magazine in the Fashion, Beauty and Fitness department and was sent an invitation to review the opening of this fashionable new London boutique hotel.

As I walked into the room I realised that this was not a regular hotel press launch. I will always remember the buzz and air of excitement as I walked into the room. This was not like any of the other press launches I had been to. It was fabulously extravagant in stunning surroundings.

It felt as though I was stepping into a Vogue fashion shoot. I felt very underdressed!

There was a man standing in front of me surrounded by beautiful models in designer clothes with designer make-up and designer hair do’s! It was the notorious James Hunt.


I remember catching his eye for a moment as he smiled and acknowledged me. But then he was gone. Something I should have expected from a man in the fast lane.

James Hunt had a life that was a rollercoaster of a ride on and off the circuit . He won the Formula One World Championship in 1976. The rivalry between Ferrari champion Niki Lauda and James Hunt was renowned. They were both on a mission to win and beat each other.

The end of the film showed the two of them having a healthy respect for one another. Competition and rivalry can cause pain and upset.

After surviving a terrible car crash on the circuit and left with severe burns and facial disfigurement, Niki Lauda was asked by a reporter what his wife said to him. He replied “Mrs Lauda told me – you don’t need the face to drive you just need the right foot “. It is not just about your looks – it is about what you do to overcome challenges.

Following the major accident on the dangerous circuit in treacherous rainy weather conditions, Lauda still wanted to get back onto the circuit even more when he was watching television in the hospital and saw Hunt winning. This made him even more determined.

When you are passionate about doing something it is your focus, determination and belief that can help you to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. It was Niki Lauda’s determination that got him back on the circuit.


I am not suggesting for one moment that any of us imagine stepping into James Hunt’s shoes or a racing car for that matter! However, you may want to consider his focus and determination to make it happen.

Having the sustainability and focus to never give up on your dreams can come from a positive way of thinking and having a positive attitude.

Believing in yourself, what you can do and want can bring you success. If you want it – go and get it in business and your personal life.

But what happens if you have a car crash or head on collision along the way. How would you handle it?

A client of mine was married with three young children. He was a director in the family property business. His marriage was on rocky ground and he was unable to get it back on track. His wife divorced him. This was his car crash because he was then asked to leave the family business and move out of their home. Life was at an all time low.

He had no fuel in his tank to give him the energy to get back on to the property circuit.

My client made a choice to change direction and start again.

When you are driving in the fast lane it can be a risk. He was happy to take that risk but wanted to plan what he was going to do and prepare everything before getting on to his new circuit.

In times of crisis and change in all areas of our lives there is always the wonderful word HOPE. Without hope and optimism we aren’t giving ourselves an opportunity to get to the finish line.

My client went back to college to do a photography course. He had always dreamed of becoming a travel photographer. His determination to succeed and start a photographic business became his reality. He is now happy, living with his girlfriend and sees his children every week.

Fabulous Impact Tips:

Nicci Roscoe

Nicci Roscoe

• What choices do you have? By thinking about what you want to achieve this can be your first step to a positive change in your life.
• Plan, Prepare and put into Practice what you want to do. Make it happen. Procrastination will keep you in the stationary position. Decide what you want and do and have a strategy.
• Stop telling yourself you are a failure and can’t do it – YES YOU CAN! If you have a crash get up and out of the car seat of your mind and get going to the nearest service station. Get it fixed, turn the engine of your mind on. Put it into 1st gear and get back on the road.
• Being afraid is something we can all go through and is a natural reaction to the unknown. Taking risks can bring about life changing results. If we don’t take them and discover the power and belief we have inside us we may never create our fabulous impact and achieve that something special we have always wanted.
• Take a deep breath and jump into your drivers seat. You may win your own Formula One championship of your dreams like James Hunt.
• Believe you can do it and do it!
• It is your will, self-belief and determination that will get you to the finishing line.
• Find your right foot and DO IT.


Here is the trailer to the film Rush. Enjoy it. I hope you feel inspired to get up, get out and get going to make it happen for you too.



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