Having More Energy Physically & Mentally – Just Like Ronaldo

Outstanding performance is what Cristiano Ronaldo is known for on and off the football pitch. His constant energy and determination is what gets him extraordinary results that leave his fans wanting more and his teammates extremely happy!


Ronaldo – The Master Of Having Energy – & A Great Physique!!

In an article with The Daily Mail Ronaldo was quoted for saying  “Mental strength is just as important as physical strength”.

Training your mind and body will give you a boost of increased energy and focus at work and home.

You can hear more about it in my video for you this week. (See the link at the end of this newsletter.)


Ronaldo With Plenty Of Mental Energy & Focus


You may not be following in Ronaldo’s footsteps focusing on the ball on the pitch but having all the mental and physical energy you need will boost your productivity even more.

An excellent energising daily routine can be key to how you feel and key to your success. 6-8 hours sleep, a good diet – little and often can keep your energy levels high – and regular exercise will help you and your teams be more productive.

Ronaldo – exhibiting an abundance of mental and physical energy


One client I was coaching wasn’t sleeping well at night and came into work exhausted! He also went home from work in the same state! Miserable, worried and tired!

He followed various techniques I gave him to improve his routine.

This included emptying his brain before he went to bed (a simple and effective technique I can teach you).

He also started having earlier nights.

And I suggested doing 10-15 minutes of meditation/relaxation a day and find an exercise class near work.  He joined a body pump class using weights and a spinning class – working out on a stationary bike with music.

These changes to his lifestyle all helped him to release his stress and tension.

He woke up more energised by the new routine – far more so than before when he spent most of the night worrying about what he had to do!

We also worked on training his brain with a positive mindset.

Once he started to train his brain to relax, take regular breaks during the day, do more exercise and have a more positive attitude, he became more effective at work and had more enthusiasm and energy at home too!

When I was head of aerobics for the David Lloyd Clubs UK and leading exercise routines for over 1,000 people – with all of them dressed in lycra having fun exercising across four tennis courts – it was not only uplifting, but exciting and mentally stimulating!

Exercise not only releases the chemical endorphins to give you that buzz but it also lifts your mood and gives you more energy physically and mentally. This will enable you and your team to be more productive and happier at work and in your personal life.

Exercising your mind and body during your daily routines will give you that boost you need.

When a footballer runs on to the pitch and scores  several goals his team is excited, when a politician stands up and gives his or her opinion in the House of Commons and there are cheers from their colleagues the mood and energy is lifted, when a mother gives birth to her child and is elated, they all have one thing in common.

They all have energy physically and mentally to enable them to focus and keep going for great results.

Their mission is to be focused and productive to get the best possible outcomes.

Determination is what Ronaldo has. He came from the poor streets in Portugal and achieved his dream of being a footballer.

Professional footballers, like Ronaldo, need their energy – physically and mentally – to maintain an extremely high fitness level.

And having a positive mental attitude is part of the driving force behind their team’s success.

He also needs the mental energy to have a positive mindset which will rub of on his team mates too.

If the going ever gets tough, being mentally focused, determined and positive helps get you through it.

The politician is giving his energy in a different way and needs just as much mental energy as the footballer. Physically he may also have long hours sitting instead of being on the pitch. He needs to make sure he finds time in his daily routine to eat well and have short breaks to include breathing in some fresh air, walking, going to the gym and making sure he gets time for relaxation and sleep.

The mother giving birth needs her mental energy to get her through labour and to focus on the positive outcomes by focusing on getting through any pain barriers if she is having a natural birth or being mentally prepared if having an epidural or caesarian for her to achieve the pleasure, delight of the birth of her baby.

Here’s more on “Having Energy – Physically And Mentally” – on my video.


If you would like to chat about this master class for you, your team or your organisation at a conference then give me a call and we can discuss how I can bespoke “Having More Energy – Physically And Mentally” for you and your people.
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