How You Can Focus Your Mindset To WIN WIN WIN!

How You Can Focus Your Mindset To WIN WIN WIN!

The words ‘Win Win Win’ can create excitement, motivation and inspiration to achieve a greater impact in what you set out to do.


By staying focused on the positive, being prepared mentally as well as physically and having a plan can help you and your team with their motivational momentum.

Regular positive self-talk, a positive mindset and positive focus can enhance your performance, increase sales and help you Win Win Win!

But if you let it, distraction can cause chaos inside your mind and out!

You may be on the sports pitch ready to play a big game, or at a meeting that stands between you and the million dollar deal, or maybe you are about to give a media interview or walk out on to a stage to give a presentation.

The key to success is focus on what you are doing and getting into regular positive mindset habits. This can be the difference between you and your team’s failure or success.

The voices in our head can take us away from what we need to focus on at the time. Self- belief, confidence and positive mindset can change your thought patterns if you want them too.

Andy Murray was distracted by Novac Djokovic’s issues on the tennis court in the Australian Open over the weekend.


Murray let his opponent’s vulnerability after a fall affect his own performance.

What Andy Murray needed to do was focus on himself and what he was doing.

His failure to do this cost him the game, as he was in top form by the end of the second set.

Murray admitted in his post-match interview that he let his focus go.

It may be your mobile phone going off in a meeting or thinking about what you are going to have for lunch. It may even be a disagreement you had at home or at work.

The voices in our head can take us away from what we need to focus on at the time.

A client who used to come to my classes when I was head of aerobics at the David Lloyd Clubs wanted to run a marathon.


He had a lot of distraction in the music industry where he managed artists, as he was constantly being called about various issues he needed to deal with.

Once he knew his artist’s schedule, we planned his training for the year which he committed to.

We worked on his own positive self-talk, visualising the results he wanted to get.

We did exercises to ensure we kept him motivated, confident and believing he could do it.

The results were brilliant!

He ran the marathon in just under four hours which is what he planned.

Whether you need to be focused on the sports field or in your business, my sessions on positive focus, positive attitude, and positive mindset can help you and your teams get Win Win Win results.

Get winning and make your incredible impact NOW!

When you are focused everything can happen!


Click on my video below – inspired by the beautiful sights of Hong Kong Harbour – to discover more about my sessions on:

“How to present to camera with impact and confidence”.

Until next time.

Stay fabulous

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