Laughing Your Way To Success

Laughing can be a powerful tool for winning mindset and success.

It can improve confidence, communication, creativity and performance within the workplace and beyond.

Having fun takes the pressure off and creates a more lighthearted happy atmosphere with teams and individuals.

There’s even a form of yoga that works on the basis of making people laugh out loud to improve their well-being and their focus.

Laughing Yoga! Humour goes a long way to success!

In fact, the new manager of the English football team Sam Allardyce has brought in comedians to lift the spirits of his team as I have mentioned in this video:

Feeling happy gives us more energy which can be more productive and lead to success.

When the previously poorly-performing Leicester City surprisingly won the English Premier League last season it sent a shock wave through the football world!

How did they do it?  Manager Claudio Ranieri kept it ‘fun’ and got his team’s attention by instilling a winning mindset into their attitude and wellbeing.

Leicester City – Surprise Win!


Feeling good about ourselves and having fun along the way can boost our confidence and the impact we make in our business and personal lives. It can drive us to score our own goals.

The more we keep visualising and sticking to our plan the more we can make it happen.

Twenty years ago Najat Belkacem was a shepherd girl in Morocco.

She is now the Education Minister in France.

I love to help my clients visualise amazing possibilities and make them happen.

When the going gets tough and you keep seeing the darker side of your situation maybe it’s time to lighten your mood and give yourself a break.

The following exercise gives an indication of the kind of things I do with clients – individually or in groups or with big audiences – to help them think  more positively,  feel more confident and perform more profitably.


1.Tell yourself ‘STOP!’ Whatever negative feelings and thoughts you have can rub off on your team and other individuals as well as making you feel awful and lacking energy.

2. Count backwards from 10. If you are alone say it out loud!

3. Think of a time that was fun and made you laugh. A time that made you happy and more carefree. – a happy time. Repeat this exercise 3 times with the same vision.


Picture yourself having achieved your successful outcome. It may be running the marathon, signing a contract, celebrating a business deal, giving a great speech or moving into a new home.

 Finishing The Marathon – Winning Mindset And Focus All The Way To Success!


Whatever it is visualise doing it and making it happen. Keep seeing what you want and enjoy imagining having achieved your goal.

Feeling lighthearted and laughing can lift your spirits and those around you.
Here’s to more laughter in all of our lives!

If I can help you laugh more by boosting you or your team’s confidence and the impact you make it will be great to hear from you.

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