Boosting Women’s Confidence for Success

“Nicci is a highly talented Coach and Speaker. I have seen the incredible impact she has had on numerous people I have recommended to her. She is full of positive energy and it is infectious. I have always heard glowing feedback from those who have experienced her approach. I can recommend Nicci 100% for her expertise and professionalism”.

Devesh Modi.  Leadership Coach and Facilitator at Grant Thornton UK LLP


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“Due to below par performance of my team, I was beginning to consider a change of personnel.

I was introduced to Nicci who has been unlike many ‘long on promise’ trainers.

To my pleasant surprise they are performing well above what I would have ever expected”.

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Boosting Women’s Confidence For Success In The Workplace

Special Masterclass Tailored to Your Organisation

Are your female employees holding themselves back from achieving professional success?  Would you like to see more women aiming higher in your organisation?


Recent research among the FTSE 350 shows a continued imbalance between men and women in the top executive roles.  The EU has proposed a 40% target for female representation on the boards of listed companies by 2020. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has set a target of 25%, to be attained in FTSE 100 companies by 2015.

A report commissioned by the department warned that a lack of diversity at the top could result in narrow decision-making and frustrate equality elsewhere in the company hierarchy.

Lack of confidence is often the missing link for those who struggle to reach their goals, particularly in women. This one-day masterclass aims to help the female members of your team understand their strengths and to gain the confidence to use those skills with greater impact.


As a result of this master class female members of your teams will:

  • Learn practical tips and exercises to take away and use for challenging situations at work.
  • Learn about the power of self- talk and visualization to improve their self-belief and confidence.
  • Benefit from transferable career and life-enhancing skills which they can use to move forward in your company and in their personal life.
  • Know how to have more energy physically and mentally to create more impact in the workplace.
  • Understand more deeply how their own image reflects on your company – and how coming across more impressively will help your people to feel good and project your company’s image in a more positive way.
  • Have a greater sense and focus of what your people want to achieve in one, five, ten and fifteen years time and feel more confident they can apply for senior roles.
  • Discover how to use your body language and voice to project in a more impactful way.
  • Present your company’s message to clients with confidence, self-belief and a positive attitude.
  • Leave with a smile on their faces, feeling inspired that they can make it happen.


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Nicci’s Top Tips

Confidence coaching can help with many challenging situations. Nicci talks about tips for dealing with difficult people at work: