Overcoming challenges in business and your personal life  – With Nicci Roscoe




“Nicci was hired to provide motivational team-building events on the Vita Bel. She has worked with several high-profile corporate clients and they were, without exception, delighted with the results. She will be my first choice as trainer for future team-building days on board our classic yacht.”

Nigel Lewis. CEO of Vita Bel Yacht Charters – Offering Exclusive Sailing Experiences in Mallorca, Spain


As a business leader you may deal with challenging situations or adversity, how you handle it may have a big effect on your teams, your business and your personal life.

This master class equips you and your colleagues with a range of strategies to enable you to overcome challenges – from small setbacks through to major traumas – in an interactive, fun and effective way.


By the end of the master class Nicci will have guided you on an interactive and triumphant journey that gives powerful strategies, tips and takeaways to enable you and your colleagues to overcome challenges in a calm, focused and positive way. Her approach is inspirational, fun and innovative.


The Trauma To Triumph Master Class equips you to:

  • Overcome challenges of all sizes
  • Measure your progress at dealing with immediate challenges during the session
  • Draw upon your past achievements to help deal with your current challenges
  • Utilize a simple model to separate challenges that are in your head  – enabling you to deal with each one effectively in order of priority
  • Break negative habits and patterns
  • Deal with challenging people
  • Deploy the ‘TRIUMPH’ model to guide you to successful outcomes

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