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Nicci is a feature writer for the Huffington Post.

How Women Are Making a Bigger Impact in Sport and Beyond

PE lessons at school were always an excuse to have a tummy ache! My adult daughter used to moan about how strict the teacher was and that she didn’t want to jump over the horse more than once!

Sports didn’t excite her like it did the boys and getting dirty in the mud playing football wasn’t on her agenda.

However, the Duke Of Edinburgh Award Scheme has been recruiting many young girls as well as boys for sweaty activities. Whilst they enjoy the challenges including physical skills and expeditions it gives them adventure, builds confidence and inspires them with purposeful life experiences. Read more HERE

Bringing Out the Feminine Side – It’s Not Just About a Women’s Wardrobe!

Wearing a fabulous dress, having a stunning hair-do and make-up to show off our womanly attributes is part of our creative feminine energy.

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Kyle Minogue looked wonderful with her plunged neckline at the Cannes Film Festival. Despite having had challenging times with breast cancer, she showed off her feminine side with confidence and a huge smile.

Kate Middleton oozes a wonderful feminine energy – especially when photographed in Diane Von Furstenberg dresses.

After the incident where the wind blew up her dress to reveal her bare bottom she may consider some wardrobe adjustments….perhaps with a weighted hemline like her mother-in-law or some Bridget Jones-style underwear that will start a new trend down under! Read more HERE

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