So You Want To Work In TV

So you want to work in TV?

It was ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent that inspired the first discussion of why confidence is so important for those wanting to work – or already working – in TV. The current X-Factor series prompts part two with a lesson in building confidence from an expert – inspirational speaker, executive coach and author, Nicci Roscoe.

Nicci works with individuals and teams on a personal and professional level, helping them (and through them, their business) to bring positive change – often through confidence building techniques. She studied with celebrity hypnotherapist Paul McKenna and the founder of NLP (neurolinguistic programming) Richard Bandler and is a Master NLP Practitioner, so she knows what she’s talking about. Nicci has also written about her own incredible personal story of surviving a brain tumour along with practical tips to increase your confidence in her book Fabulous Impact, Step into the New You and Rewrite your Own Script.

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