The Hero’s Journey – A Master Class In High Impact Story Telling For Business Leaders

Compelling Storytelling For Business Leaders

With Nicci Roscoe

nj3An Interactive Master Class Giving You & Your Team A Unique Storytelling Model To Inspire, Engage & Convey Success

This shows business leaders how to:

•  Utilise ‘The Nicci Roscoe High Impact Story Telling Model’

•  Tell stories that give them the opportunity to present solutions to problems in ways that are inspiring and result in enthusiastic buy-in

•  Be more persuasive

•  Have great ready-to-tell stories which they can use to help their company increase sales

•  Use films to inspire creativity

•  Build collaboration and prompt commitment to take action

•  Evoke an emotional response in others and touch on their senses

•  Increase listening capacity among those around them

•  Give a more powerful edge to inspire their team members to engage with their heart and soul

•  Project their achievements to others, by presenting stories in a compelling and captivating way

•  Identify stories from their past experience that can show how they overcame challenges and adversity that led to success

•  Shape their own story in a way that others can appreciate how much of a hero they have been – and/or that others have been

Empower them to convey their vision for the future at an enhanced level.

Nicci’s master class guides participants through an interactive journey where they draw on their personal experiences in order to convey the right message. It is crammed with takeaways, tips and guidance that business leaders can utilise immediately – and deploy in their presentations and other communications challenges.  Her approach is fun, innovative and inspiring.

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