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Never give up. Imagine holding a candle with no flame. Light it. See the flame flicker and the colours dance. Feel the warmth and brightness. If your candle goes out, keep relighting it“. Talking at the Amplify event in Birmingham November 2013.

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Nicci Roscoe speaking at The Dorchester lunch for the EAGB – Executive Association Of Great Britain – the oldest networking group in London. The theme was achieving what you want to do in you life by taking action and making it happen.

Nicci Roscoe, The Mind Makeover Artist.

TV, radio and online expert Executive & Lifestyle Coach with a background in health, fitness, fashion and beauty.





Nicci Speaking at the AGN Conference in India – Read More HERE




Confidence Coach & Image Expert, Nicci Roscoe, talks about her own personal style and the importance of ‘Confidence, Image and Impact’.



Surviving a brain tumour and managing pain. Choosing to live – Nicci Roscoe’s personal and motivational story.


Nicci’s Top Tips

Confidence Coaching can help equip you to deal with a variety of challenging situations – including how to deal with difficult people in the office.



Expert Host for Beauty, Fashion & Image Events – building Confidence and Self-esteem

With a background in beauty journalism and health & fitness, Nicci makes the ideal host for events in beauty, fashion and image. She is a Mind Makeover Artist who teaches “looking good from the inside out”.



The Perfect Host to give Your Events a Fabulous Impact

Combining her extensive experience at public speaking with a background as a TV presenter and journalist, Nicci makes an entertaining and effective host for any live event.




Building Confidence and Leadership Skills in Schools

Passionate about teaching confidence and self-esteem to young people, Nicci is experienced at talking to school and college-age children. Give your school or youngsters the gift of confidence by booking Nicci to talk at your school, college or event.



Nicci Roscoe talks live at the Venetian themed fashion eventat the exclusive Boni Caro boutique,

Mill Hill, London. November 2013.